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Pushpin 2 Replies

Attached is a python script that will identify every tweet, flicker pic and Youtube video within an area of a specific Geo address. Example Usage:python ./ 42.3534688 -71.0611556 2Continue

Started by strandjs. Last reply by Chris Hood Jun 27, 2014.

Slides from Denver 3 Replies

As requested, the slides fromt he Denver Presentation are attached.Thanks!JohnContinue

Started by strandjs. Last reply by Wayne Dawson Jan 28, 2013.

Raw OCM Video 1 Reply

Attached is the raw video for the OCM class coming up at Black Hat Vegas on July 30-31.

Started by strandjs. Last reply by Jonny Linux Jul 11, 2012.

Cisco AnyConnect / Windows Scripting

I am interested in configuring my Cisco AnyConnect in the spirit of Offensive Coutermeasures.Has anyone already looking at implementing this?I've got the Cisco Dynamic Access Policies setup to make…Continue

Started by Andy J Jul 3, 2012.


Welcome to Offensive Countermeasures!!

Before we get into this too much please check out the following:

The main issue with computer security and Cyber-Warfare today is that there is very little that most organizations on our side are willing to do when
it comes to hacking back against the attackers. There are a number of
good reasons for this, one being legal issues and collateral damage to
intermediary systems. However, it is an aspect of computer security that
needs to be addressed, especially for our customers.

Long story short, if we have overly stringent rules and our opponents do not, whom is going to win?

We have to get inside an attacker’s OODA loop and change the dynamics in such a way they did not expect.

Hence, offensive countermeasures should be considered.

This is quite a bit different than seeing an attack from an IP address, then attacking that IP address. Rather it requires some subtle
techniques that we can utilize on the inside of a network after an attacker has
comprised the perimeter. And trust me, they will get in.

So this site is dedicated to finding ways to hack back. It is also dedicated to finding ways to get attribution on who the attackers are and where they are coming from.

Please, understand that we are also about options. We want to provide ways to find out as much as possible about an attacker, all the way to getting access to an attacker's system.

Finally, we want to illuminate the legal issues surrounding this topic. Time to fight FUD with fact. There is case law. Hacking back has been done. It just requires a bit of research and finesse.




Blog Posts

Honeyport - Powershell edition

I created a powershell version of the Windows honeyport that John presented on PaulDotCom episode 203.  

This version is nice because it doesn't require netcat.  Any feedback is appreciated.



Posted by John Hoyt on September 20, 2012 at 9:33am — 5 Comments


Is there somewhere we can pick up the slides from the Denver presentation? Thanks!



Posted by bberger on July 20, 2010 at 5:09am — 1 Comment

Welcome to Offensive Countermeasures!

Before we get into this too much please check out the following:…


Posted by strandjs on July 17, 2010 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

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