Every week there is a report of a company experiencing some type of breach. Breaking away from the norm, Offensive Countermeasures employs unique methods of both tracking back an attacker and detecting attackers within your network.

Finding the Needle in the Stack of Needles

Do you have too many logs and events to sift through everyday? Offensive Countermeasures provides organizations with technology to detect attackers in your network and the ability to track them back.

Offensive Countermeasures was founded on the principles of innovative security research, rapid development, and an

offensive security posture as a necessity. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, patent pending and cost effective security solutions tailored to your business. Our solutions can greatly improve the security posture of small and large organizations alike – including financial institutions, health-care providers, and government agencies.


Have you been notified of a breach by a third party or discovered a breach present in your network that persisted for over 200 days? If so, then you know the feeling of being violated. What if you could discover the breaches in your network before they were able to do any damage? Offensive CounterMeasures’s products allow you to do just that. Based on years of research from leaders in the security community, this patent-pending technology puts a 24/7 security ninja in your network, ready to alert you to the compromises before they become headlines.


AI Hunter™ : By detecting compromises and breaches with an extremely low false positive rate, AI-Hunter™ enables organizations to be more effective at removing the “bad” things from the network more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


TracBack™ : When a breach occurs and law enforcement is involved, the first question is, “where is the attack coming from?” The Internet provides many places for attackers to hide, and TracBack™ will allow you to reveal their true location and IP address.