AI-Hunter™: It Doesn't Suck at Math

Attackers have a seemingly endless supply of tools and techniques to penetrate your systems and extract data.
AI-Hunter’s™ patent-pending technology takes a fresh approach when looking at your network traffic, logs and events.
Using internally developed algorithms, AI-Hunter™ detects when an attacker, or the attacker’s malware, phones home.
Separating this activity from all of the other events in your network is where AI-Hunter™ shines.


Pinpointing Problems with Less Effort

You may have found yourself swimming in the sea of endless logs. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what really needs attention? This is the struggle many of us face on a daily basis. Let AI-Hunter™ help you find what matters in your network, without spending days sifting through logs and packet captures.

OCM is beta testing an open source version of AI-Hunter™  (originally the RITA project from Black Hills Information Security) it is now maintained and developed by the OCMdev team (sponsored by us here at OCM). To try out the open source project go here: