TracBack™ Knows Where You've Been Sleeping

Extortion happens and recent trends show ransomware and similar activities are on the rise. Take, for example, a popular beverage company who came under attack and were being held ransom for millions of dollars. TrackBack™ pinpointed the attackers location and ended what could have been an ugly situation.

Once a breach occurs, knowing the attacker’s location is key to starting and pursuing an investigation. With this knowledge not only will you be a hero to law enforcement, but you’ll be able to tie multiple breaches back to the same location.


Pinpointing the Enemy

The integrity of your business is under constant attack, ranging from digital threats to scams and extortion. When the inevitable question of “Where are the attackers?” arises, organizations are often left stumped. TracBack™ allows you to reveal the attacker’s location with ease and provides anonymity to prevent retaliation.